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About Us

The 2012 Santa Clara County Community Assessment was a collaborative effort to build on the varied studies that have been done in the past decade of this community. Previous assessment projects include the work of SCC Public Health Department, SJ 2020, Latino Report Card, Joint Venture Indices, Kids in Common, and the 2005 Santa Clara County Trends and Needs Assessment Report, conducted by UWSV.

The intent of this collaborative study was to help community institutions be better informed about community strengths, needs and trends -- and how they can support and address those evolving conditions, trends and needs. And that local residents will not only know better how their opinions and perspectives align with other members of the community – they will know how they can engage in the local communities.

The effort brought together a diverse group of stakeholders that were passionate about thinking strategically and willing to take a leadership role in prioritizing recommendations and findings in order to benefit the Silicon Valley community. The Assessment effort was guided by three committees to design, develop, analyze, and interpret data. This data and information helped to formulate recommendations for community action by the Steering Committee, Primary Data Committee and Secondary Data Committee.

Findings can be utilized by project partners/ sponsors/ supporters and other stakeholders to guide their community-investments, advocacy agendas and development of community-based programs. These findings will result in increased alignment of effort around community priorities and strategies.

A list of Assessment Project Supporters and Sponsors can be found elsewhere on this web site.

The 2012 Community Assessment Project was co-chaired by Elizabeth Sills (Kaiser Permanente) and Vanessa Cooper (The Housing Authority of SCC). Lead staff support was provided by Patrick Soricone (United Way Silicon Valley). For more info, contact Patrick at 408-345-4337.